A Proverbs 22:9 Response
Be the answer to your prayers...

  • 1.8 million Israelis (Jew & Arab) live below the poverty line.*
  • Many are children who do not regularly have even 1 hot meal a day.
  • Many are elderly holocaust survivors who can't afford basic groceries, or are too ill to take care of themselves.
  • New olim (immigrants) come to make aliyah (become citizens of Israel) with almost no money; some escaping extreme persecution and poverty with only the clothes on their backs.


The ultimate solution for peace in this region is God's peace plan.  Faith + Works = Change is the next step to this, through feeding the hungry in the name and love of Jesus.

*Based on report by the Israel National Insurance Institute, November 2013.

 Feed a family of 5 for only:
• $540 = food for 1 month
• $126 = food for 1 week
• $72 = food for 3 days
• $24 = 1 day


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