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KAIROS Magazine - Where Time and Destiny Meet
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KAIROS points to the reality that God invades time and space with His words and actions. The eternal, timeless God uses history as His stage to reveal His Kingdom, love, power, and grace. 
  • God coming to us in Christ was, is, and will be a Kairos moment in history. 
  • God setting His people, Israel, free from bondage in Egypt is a Kairos moment. 
  • God raising Jesus from the dead is a Kairos moment. 
  • God pouring out His Spirit at Pentecost is a Kairos moment. 
  • God birthing the nation of Israel in 1948 is a Kairos moment.
  • God setting the captives free, healing the sick, feeding and clothing the poor, and ministering to the needs of people throughout the earth through His people are all Kairos moments.
KAIROS Magazine celebrates the past, present, and prophetic Kairos moments of God through God’s people in the church, in Israel, and throughout God’s Kingdom. In KAIROS Magazine you will…
  • Discover the ministry of Eagles’ Wings Ministries and Dr. Robert Stearns.
  • Experience the living Presence of God through Worship and the Word.
  • Learn from the leading Christian and Jewish voices of our day about the seminal issues facing us as God’s peoples.
  • Uncover biblical truths for building a Scriptural worldview empowering God’s people to make moral and just decisions in the midst of confusing times.
  • Discover opportunities and resources for witness, outreach, service and worship through the Israel Experience, Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, Student Discipleship and Internships, Leadership Conferences and Summits and interfaith support between Christians and Jews. 
  • Learn about resources, programs and events for discipleship in developing character, integrity, spiritual disciplines, marketplace ministry and life skills.
KAIROS Magazine is a resource, a voice, an equipping piece, a platform, a community and a sharing of God’s love through Jesus Christ, the church and the inter-faith relationships cherished by the Judeo-Christian communities of faith.

Read it. Experience it. Share it. Celebrate it. Give it to others.

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