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The 9-Month Internship
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 Looking for an adventure in God?

Join us for 9 months of life-changing ministry experience through a focused pursuit of God, deep personal growth, and discovery of your calling and identity in Christ.
  • Discover and Cultivate your gifts, calling and identity as you pursue God.
  • Develop your leadership skills by serving in one of our ministry department including: Israel, Media Arts, Web Development, Communications, Real Estate, and Conferences. 
  • Grow in your identity in Christ, through individual mentoring, Bible study, accountability, and a lifestyle of worship and prayer.
  • Minister with the EW Team in services and conferences, pray in our House of Prayer, and, after graduating, have the opportunity to join the team on an international missions trip.
Britnee Holland
"The nine month internship program has given me the opportunity to see and receive God’s love in ways that I didn’t know existed before. It was a time when the Lord has changed and transformed my identity to be more of a reflection of Him."  (Britnee Holland - Hillside, IL)

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 Internship Core Values

There are three core values that form the primary focus of the 9-month program. 


1. Servanthood

“Whoever desires to be great among you, let him be your servant. And whoever desires to be chief among you, let him be your servant; even as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”  (Matthew 20:26-28)

Jesus said that if anyone desires greatness, they first must learn to be a servant.  We believe that servanthood is about the hidden motivation behind every decision we make. Servanthood is not defined by what we do, but who we are.

At Eagles’ Wings, we teach servanthood in very practical ways. As we carry out each responsibility we're given, the decisions and attitudes with which we carry out our tasks will expose our hearts, allowing us to grow into more mature servants through the accountability of a loving community.

Interns may be assigned to a number of different departments including: Media, Graphic Design, Administration, Event Planning, Web Development, Public Relations, Real Estate, and more.

Sometimes ministry requires us to serve in very practical ways that may not be our favorite things to do, but God uses this experience of servanthood to strenthen us in spirit and in character. And in the midst of it all, we grow to experience and understand the true joy founding in serving.  But serving is not all hard and challenging, and in the midst of our service to the Lord, there are many great opportunities to build lasting friendships, travel to some incredible places, and meet some amazing people in the Kingdom of God. 

2. Discipleship

“As Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  (Proverbs 27:17)

When you join the 9-month internship program, you are giving yourself to a season of serious commitment to allow God to shape and mold you into man or woman of Godly character, integrity, and values.  Part of the way God shapes us is through living and working with other believers who challenge us to be our best.  And sometimes it is the very people that irritate or annoy you the most that God uses to expose areas of weakness in your life and bring about greater levels of freedom and joy.  In the internship program, there are many opportunities to learn how to love one another and receive love from others in the context of healthy, authentic relationships.  Is it easy?  No, but it is very rewarding.  Everything about ministry life, whether it is work or leisure, at home or at a ministry event, is an opportunity to become more like Jesus and learn how to love like Him.

3. Outreach

"And He said to them, Go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to all the creation."  (Mark 16:15)

Throughout the program, each intern has the opportunity to develop and use their own areas of gifting and calling while ministering with Eagles’ Wings in services, events, and conferences throughout the U.S. 

Interns travel with the Eagles' Wings team to regional conferences in cities such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.  They also often minister with team members at the invitation of local churches, and many times get to participate in leading worship and sharing briefly at those events.  This serves as both a training ground for these upcoming leaders and an opportunity to exercise unique giftings and talents for the glory of God. 

Distinctives of the Eagles' Wings Internship
  • Real Relationships & Community: The internship provides a context for real, intentional, Christ-centered relationships. Sharing life together in this way creates a strong sense of community. Interns are fully a part of this community and share in times of corporate worship and prayer, outside ministry, as well as good fellowship and fun.
  • Discipleship Manual: The Internship Manual is the one of the primary discipleship tools used during the nine months. This in-depth workbook includes Biblical study on various aspects of the core values of Servanthood, Disicipleship and Outreach. It also gives an overview of the vision and values of Eagles' Wings, highlighting important components of living as a disciple of Jesus Christ and as a member of the Eagles' Wings team.
  • One-on-one Mentoring: Every intern will be paired with a seasoned Eagles' Wings staff member who will mentor them and walk with them through the entire nine-month program. The mentor will meet regularly with the intern to be a sounding board and to offer encouragement by discussing, reflecting, and praying through the topics addressed in the discipleship manual.
  • Teaching: There are regular weekly classes where staff members teach on a variety of Biblical topics. Also, there will be opportunities throughout the internship when Christian, business, and other religious leaders will be invited to share with the interns and theh whole Eagles' Wings team.
  • Corporate Devotional Times: Every morning, our team meets together for a time of worship, prayer & teaching. Each day a different staff member or intern shares a message from the scriptures. This time serves as an opportunity both to receive fresh spiritual encouragement and to grow in communication and Biblical study skills. Individuals are also strongly encouraged and challenged to be disciplined in their own personal time of daily devotions.
  • House of Prayer: Every intern will participate in one of several weekly prayer watches in the house of prayer located at our Buffalo, NY offices. The internship curriculum is also structured in a way that interns will learn about “harp and bowl” worship and intercession as well as other types of prayer.
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Britnee Holland
"The nine month internship program has given me the opportunity to see and receive God’s love in ways that I didn’t know existed before. It was a time when the Lord has changed and transformed my identity to be more of a reflection of Him."  (Britnee Holland - Hillside, IL)