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Our Vision & Values
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Who We Are:
Eagles' Wings is a global missional community based outside of Buffalo, NY, with hubs in the New York City area; Karlsruhe, Germany; and Jerusalem, Israel. Our diverse network of relationships spans the globe, and includes nearly 40 full-time team members and an international family of partners, volunteers, and friends.

Our team serves together to touch Israel and impact the nations of the world with the hope that comes from the God of love, to train the next generation of Christian leaders, and to unite and empower believers to make a positive difference in the world around them.

Our community is guided by our founder, Dr. Robert Stearns, and led by various community members who give oversight to different areas, such as our leadership team, community life team, and spiritual life team.
What We Value:

There are three main values that fuel our corporate vision, and all that we do flows from these three primary mandates:

1. The Restoration of Biblical Spirituality (Acts 2:42-47)

We believe that God is a God of Love for all people, and that loving God and loving people is the primary message of Jesus and the prophets.

We believe there is a vast difference between the teachings and practices of Jesus and the early church, and the model of what is commonly understood as the contemporary Christian church, especially in the West.

While deeply honoring today's local church, both in word and practice, we seek to rediscover some level of what the covenantal community of the early church may have looked like.

Understanding the importance of honoring our heritage, we also believe that today's church should be marked by extraordinary empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We believe this should include strong and healthy relationships, care for the poor and oppressed, signs and wonders, and apostolic and prophetic leadership.
2. Unity of the Body of Christ

We believe that functional unity in the Body of Christ is not an option, but a requirement for all believers. All throughout scripture, from Psalm 133 to John 17, there is an undeniable scriptural mandate for believers to walk in unity as one body under the headship of Jesus Christ. In other words, God really cares about how we treat each other! We believe that the Body is made up of many unique parts, each bringing its own strength to the whole. We also believe that every part (including our own), no matter how healthy or seemingly self-sufficient, has inherent weaknesses allowed by God to make it dependent on the rest of the Body.

We believe that the quality of unity called for in the scriptures is paramount for maturity to come to the Body of Christ, and for societal impact to come to the world. We want to see healing and restoration for those who have been hurt because of division and animosity in the church. Eagles' Wings has served for years as a bridge between churches, denominations, leaders, and generations to encourage mutual respect and a culture that honors the need and mandate for functional unity in the Body of Christ.
3. God’s Enduring Covenant with Israel

We believe that the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the God of covenant, extending his mercy and love to all peoples and cultures. We believe that His promises and love endure to a thousand generations for those who fear his name (Genesis 17:7, Exodus 20:6). We believe that the promises He extended to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, David, and the patriarchs are still true today, and that the natural house of Israel will experience the full blessing and restoration that the Lord has promised. Indeed, we believe that this time of restoration has already begun and that we are living in prophetic times. As believers in the God of Israel, we have been grafted in to the covenant of Abraham through faith (Romans 11), and we are ever-mindful that it is the root that supports us, the branch, and not the other way around.

Out of these three core values, a variety of ministry outreaches have sprung forth. These include...
What Leaders Are Saying
Joseph Garlington
 - Covenant Church
“I recommend Robert Stearns and the Eagles’ Wings team to all of those with a heart for renewal, worship, and reconciliation. Robert’s unique gifts as communicator of precious truths have strategically positioned his ministry as a gracious tool of the Holy Spirit’s work in these days.”